The Aislabie Walk

  • Mist over Hackfall

    Mist over Hackfall

  • Valley near Mickley

    Valley near Mickley

  • The Fountain Hackfall

    The Fountain Hackfall

  • Rustic Temple Hackfall

    Rustic Temple Hackfall

  • The Banqueting House

    The Banqueting House Hackfall

  • Beech Tree Hackfall

    Beech Tree Hackfall

  • View to Masham Limehouse Hill Hackfall

    View to Masham Limehouse Hill Hackfall

  • Studley Royal Temple of Piety

    Studley Royal Temple of Piety

  • Studley Deer Park

    Studley Deer Park

  • Pond near to Mickley

    Pond near to Mickley

  • Braithwaite Hall

    Braithwaite Hall

  • Azerley Tower

    Azerley Tower

  • Weir

    Weir at Studley Royal

Muddy Laver Banks

Track through Laver Banks

20th May 2012 I’ve just done most of the bottom section of the walk. I parked up near to Winksley and went across to Galphay Mill and then down to Studley Royal. Following the route through the deer park I headed off for the obelisk and across the fields to Aldfield and then back to the car via Clip’d Thorn farm.

The point of this post is to pass on a word of warning. The cross path that goes from Woodhouse Bridge to Galphay Mill Bridge has been ripped up in places by heavy forestry vehicles.

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